CustomShow Update - December 3, 2016

New Features

Multi-Selection Resizing

Fixes and Changes

  • Resource Hosting Changes are now complete, allowing for faster and more efficient retrieval of all CustomShow assets including but not limited to imported image and video content. 
  • PowerPoint Import with Live (Editable) Text now applies Shadow to text elements directly in CustomShow.
  • Fixed Slide Elements List sorting via Layers incorrectly, and changed default ordering to more accurately display top-level layers.
  • Fixed Salesforce Integration to successfully send CustomShow notifications directly to SalesForce.
  • Fixed issue in Admin Console when selecting an image for a logo could stretch the Properties Panel.
  • Fixed rare cases where PowerPoint Export would fail to download PowerPoint files generated by CustomShow.
  • Corrected various Undo commands working incorrectly.
  • Fixed Move to Another Library appearing as an enabled option incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed keyboard interaction in several dialog windows.
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