CustomShow Update - September 4, 2016

New Features

Presentation Resolution & Presets

  • New Presentations will now prompt users to select from a revised list of Presentation Resolution Sizes. This list, by default, includes but is not limited to the following sizes:
    • Landscape
    • Widescreen
    • Full HD
    • Portrait (8.5 x 11)
    • Widescreen (PPTX)
    • On-Screen Show 4:3 (PPTX)
    • On-Screen Show 16:9 (PPTX)
  • Additional Resolution Sizes are available, and can be further modified by CustomShow Administrators.

CustomShow Administrator Settings

  • The Admin Console provides further options for Client Administrators to assign settings and properties to users across CustomShow groups.
  • A detailed breakdown of these settings can be found in Admin Console: Client Settings.

  • A new Properties Panel for Presentation Size is now available. CustomShow Administrators can now modify the following options:
    • Create new Resolution Presets for all users to select when creating a New Presentation.
    • Remove any Resolution Presets for all users to select, either Admin-Created or from the list of CustomShow defaults.
    • Enable or Disable the option for Custom values when users create a New Presentation.

Add to Library - Multiple Resources

  • The Media Library now allows Administrator users to select multiple resources and folders to add to their group's Media Library location.
    • Any Image, Video, Flash File, or Folder found in a user's personal Media Folder can be migrated to a Library location by a CustomShow Administrator. 


Fixes and Changes

  • Changes made to folder properties, fixing several inconsistencies with moving, copying, deleting and renaming folders in the Presentation and Media Libraries.

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