CustomShow Update - July 16, 2016

New Features

Hyperlink & Slide Navigation

  • Library Slides can now be added to personal presentations and will retain their hyperlinks to both internal and external destinations.
  • New User Interface and Options for Hyperlinks. To Slide, Position, or URL.
  • Hyperlinks can now link out to external webpages and forms.
  • Hyperlinks that direct to the currently viewed slide will remain clickable but will not be active.
  • Hyperlinks can now be broken, and options are available to attempt to locate and fix the hyperlink with the correct destination slide if possible.

Add to Library

  • Add to Library now prompts to select a Library, and provides options to select a specific folder within the Library as a destination for the presentation.
  • Accessible to new Subgroup Administrators.
  • Only folders to which the account has Administrator access will appear selectable.

Subgroup Administrators

  • Can access Add to Library in Library Console
  • Can access Admin Console to view and modify user settings for the specified Subgroup.
  • Can access Reports Console to view metrics and reporting information for the specified Subgroup.
  • Can access Personal User Folders for specified Subgroup in Library Console.

Distribution Options

Fixes and Changes

  • Replace Media now retains Aspect Ratio for resized slide elements.
  • Select All Keyboard Shortcut (CTRL+A or CMD+A) now available in the Presentation Editor found in the Library Console.
  • Fixed Crop Handles incorrectly appearing on selected elements when Crop option remains enabled.
  • Fixed Resize Media for updated Library Media causing some elements to incorrectly display at their original size on slides.
  • Fixed changes made to presentation content not appearing in real time for other users during the CustomShow session when the presentation is created.
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