CustomShow Update - April 12, 2016

New Features

 Editor & Library Console

  • Added Full HD (1920 x 1080) Preset Presentation Size for New Presentations.

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed issue with resizing image elements with less than 1 Pixel Width or Height when using Import PowerPoint.
  • Fixed rare cases of video import failures based on uncommon source file parameters.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior with Menu options for Locked Content. This includes options in the Edit menu as well as the right-click Context Menu for locked elements and slides.
  • Changed Multi-Selection hotkeys in the Editor Console. Holding the Shift key and left-clicking on multiple elements will now select all elements.
  • Changed Export to PowerPoint feature to allow users to export all Presentations in CustomShow. This includes presentations found in Library folders, as well as Shared Presentations.
  • Improved system logging for PowerPoint Import and Export, as well as additional information for video file upload and encoding.
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