CustomShow Update - February 20, 2016

New Features

 Editor Console

  • Added Locking for Slides and Elements

Locking Content & Layout

    • CustomShow users and administrators can now set different levels of access to Slides or Elements in the Editor Console.
    • CustomShow Administrators can assign these attributes to Library Slides, to set access levels on particular slides and particular elements that are carried into Slides when copied or dragged & dropped.

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed issue with Right-click menu still allowing slide elements to move on canvas if the Left Mouse button is held at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where Text elements could still be moved while in Text Edit mode (double-clicking on text).
  • Fixed Chart menus displaying at incorrect sizes for fonts.
  • Improved logging and support information provided to CustomShow Services Team across all applications.
  • Improved SlideShow and Meeting loading process and stability.
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