CustomShow Update - December 21, 2015

New Features

 Editor Console

  • Added Ligature toggle button for Text Boxes
    • This button allows users to enable or disable Ligature support for individual text boxes. By default Ligature support is enabled.
    • A ligature is a special character that combines two (or sometimes three) characters into a single character. A standard ligature is functional in nature, and is created to solve the problem of characters that crash when set next to each other.



  • Significant upgrades to CustomShow's framework, server, and event logging systems.
  • Fixed issue where some uploads would timeout, particularly with large PowerPoint files through the Import PPTX function.
  • Fixed issue where image scaling would cause a small portion of the slide canvas to be visible. This was more noticeable in some instances of PowerPoint Import.
  • Fixed issue where copying some portions of text within text boxes would cause the pasted result to only be a portion of the original copied text.
  • Fixed issue where using Find and Replace to replace a smaller string of text with a longer string of text would appear incorrectly.
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