Media Library: Resizing Media

Media Resources can be resized and replaced to allow users to edit their media content within CustomShow.

This process is separate from resizing a media element on a slide, as resizing the media resource itself will modify all associated elements in CustomShow.

  • Note: This functionality is only present for Image Resources currently.

To begin the process of resizing a media resource, right-click on the item in the Media Library and select the Resize '[name]' option.

After clicking on the Resize option, a new dialog window will open displaying fields to enter a new height and/or width for the resource in pixels.

Clicking on Resize in this new window will modify the resource's dimensions and remove the previous version of the resource.

This process cannot be undone.

When selecting an resource in Library folder as an Administrator, an additional option is made available to either create a New Resource for the resized resource, or to Update the Resource.

  • Make New Resource
    • Creates a duplicate resource in the same folder as the original resource. This new resource will use the specified dimensions in the Resize window.
  • Update Resource
    • Updates the existing resource in the Library folder with the new dimensions. This will affect all instances of the resource used throughout CustomShow, which can affect a great deal of presentations and slides.

This process cannot be undone.

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