CustomShow Update - August 23, 2014

New Features

Reports Console

  • The Reports Console has been updated, in addition to the SlideShow Viewing Report we have added the Slide Content Report.
    • This new report displays information regarding slide usage and viewing analytics, and can be accessed by clicking on the Content tab in the Reports Console.
    • The SlideShow Viewing Report remains in the same location, and can be viewed by clicking on the Viewing tab in the Console.
  • Please see Reports: Slide Content and About the Reports Console for more information.

Editor Console

  • Find and Replace has been added to CustomShow.
    • This option can be located in the Edit menu in the Editor Console.
    • Find and Replace allows users to find and replace text on single slides or throughout an entire presentation.
  • Please see Find and Replace for more information.
  • Vertical Alignment and Padding text properties have been added.
  • Please see updated Editor Tools: Textbox for more details.

Media Library

  • Added Media Resource Resizing to CustomShow, allowing users to resize the original resources imported into the application.
    • This function is only available for Images at the time of release.
    • CustomShow Administrators can also resize resources found in Library folders.
  • Please see Media Library: Resizing Media for more information.


  • Improvements to Reports Console.
  • Improvements to PowerPoint Import and Export features.
  • Fixed All Caps formatting getting removed in some cases.
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