Reports: SlideShows

The SlideShow Report found in the Reports Console displays information collected across CustomShow groups for all SlideShows created by the users of each accessible group.

This Report section can be viewed by clicking on the Viewing tab in the Reports Console.

Basic SlideShow Overview information includes:

  • Total SlideShow Views
  • Total Unique Viewers
  • Average Amount of Slides Viewed per Session
  • Averaged Time Viewed per SlideShow Viewing Session

In the Details panel, clicking on any of the column headers will sort the information by the selected value. Column width can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the edges of the header bars.

In the Details panel displaying individual SlideShow sessions views, Administrators can also filter by the Search bar, which allows for filtering by the following values:

  • SlideShow Name
  • Owner First Name
  • Owner Last Name
  • Owner Email Address

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