CustomShow Update - September 21, 2015

New Features

 PowerPoint Export

  • Added Export PPTX button to Library and Editor Consoles.

  • Added Export to PowerPoint option to the File Menu in the Library and Editor Consoles.
    • Modified active buttons in Library and Editor Consoles.

Animated GIF support

  • Implemented Animated GIF support for Media Import and Presentation playback.

Media Library

  • Added checkerboard background visible in Media Preview for Transparent media resources.
  • Default Video Encoding Settings have been increased to improve video playback quality.



  • Numerous server-side updates and improvements.
  • Improvements to Admin Console and User Management.
  • Fixed issue in Meetings where some Meetings would not properly timeout after no activity is detected.
  • Fixed issue where Find and Replace would not be accessible when sharing presentations to other CustomShow users.
  • Fixed issue where Text style options would remain unselected in the Properties Panel in the Editor Console.
  • Fixed issue with All Caps Text style option causing incorrect styling to selected text.
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