About the Reports Console

The Reports Console in CustomShow is accessible only to CustomShow Administrators.

This console contains reporting and analytics based on available information for the groups accessible to the CustomShow Administrator.

Reports can be viewed by clicking on the tabs in the top left corner of the Reports Console:

Reporting information can be adjusted for a variety of filters:

Clicking on the Groups panel will allow filtering by visible CustomShow groups. Clicking on All or None will also enable or disable a selection of all available groups.

Clicking on the Date Range dropdown menu will display a list of preset date ranges for the reports. Custom also allows an Administrator to specify their own date range for filtering.

Selecting the To and From date options will allow for filtering between two specific dates.


Finally, a downloadable CSV version of the visible report can be found at the bottom of the Reports Console. Click on the Download Data (CSV) button, and follow the onscreen prompts to download the file directly.

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