Export to PowerPoint

This feature is available upon request by CustomShow Administrators.


CustomShow now allows for users to export their presentations from the CustomShow web application to PowerPoint as .PPTX files.

This feature is still in development, and will continue to improve as changes to the application are made.

Exported PowerPoint files can be generated either as single-image per slide (Snapshot) or with every element as an image (Customizable).

When exporting a presentation from CustomShow to PowerPoint, please note the following limitations:

  • Presentation must be open and editable.
  • Presentation must be Published, as only the Published version will be generated as the exported PowerPoint file.
  • Export process will prompt to download the converted file once. If this prompt is cancelled, the Export must be attempted again.

This feature can be found in the Editor Console. A user must open a presentation to export to PowerPoint (.PPTX).

Click on the File Menu and select Export to PowerPoint.

CustomShow will display a prompt to confirm the export of the selected presentation.

Select the file result you wish to use, and then click on Export to begin the process.

CustomShow will convert the presentation and alert the user when this process is complete. Users can continue to work in CustomShow without waiting for the export to finish.

Once the conversion has completed, a prompt will be displayed. Click OK to download the PowerPoint (.PPTX) file.

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