CustomShow Update - July 12, 2015

New Features

PowerPoint Export

  • CustomShow now allows users to export their CustomShow presentations to PowerPoint presentations as .PPTX files.
  • Presentations can be exported as a SnapShot (Single image per slide) or as Customizable (Each element as an image).
  • PowerPoint Export is enabled for CustomShow Clients on request. CustomShow Administrators can contact to enable this feature.
  • Please see PowerPoint Export for more information.

Reports Console

  • The Reports Console has been added to CustomShow, and is visible only to CustomShow Administrators.
  • This console contains CustomShow-wide information on SlideShow viewing, metrics, and activity.
  • Please see About the Reports Console for more information.

Admin Console

  • CustomShow Administrators can now view additional information regarding Subscriptions and Renewals dates in the Admin Console.
  • Administrators can also use the Download User Activity feature to download a .CSV file containing user activity information across their CustomShow groups.
  • Please see Admin Console: Client Settings for more information.

Editor Console

  • File: Export to PowerPoint is now available in the Editor Console. A presentation must be open for this option to be visible.
  • Text Editing now includes the All Caps option, which allows a user to toggle between the All Caps mode for selected text.
    • This also affects text imported from PowerPoint Presentations.

CustomShow Session Timeout

  • CustomShow now times out sessions after an hour of inactivity in the application.
  • Users will remain logged into the application, but the CustomShow application window will close automatically after this timeout occurs.
  • Users will be warned of the timeout as the time limit is reached, and can choose to continue to work in the application.


  • SlideShow Activity Reporting improvements for offline viewing metrics (Desktop and iPad Viewers).
  • PowerPoint Import no longer causes issues when attempting to load the PowerPoint Imports folder immediately on login.
  • Improvements to the PowerPoint Import and Export conversion for Editable Text and Customizable cases, respectively.
  • Corrected issues with scaling and cropping handles in the Editor Console to prevent unwanted rotation or scaling of elements.
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