Fonts & Best Practices

To ensure fonts continue to work as expected across all CustomShow applications, including the iPad App, we would like to remind our users of the best practices & requirements when adding or modifying fonts in CustomShow.

For information on how to add, remove, or change fonts in CustomShow, please see the following article: Adding & Editing Custom Fonts

  1. All fonts must contain a Regular Font Style, even if a duplicate font file must be added to the Font Family.
  2. Only OTF and TTF File Types are accepted, any other type of font file must first be converted.
  3. Fonts must be added to CustomShow first, to display the same fonts to display in Imported PowerPoint presentations.

When adding Fonts with the intention of presenting content via the CustomShow iPad App, please contact to request an update to the iPad App after adding the fonts to your CustomShow Library.

We will then process the fonts that have been uploaded, and automatically add these to a pending update to the iPad App.

Please allow for 2 weeks time to process the new update, as all App Store updates must be pushed through Apple's review process. Leave ample time when preparing presentations for iPad usage, as CustomShow does not control the speed at which new updates are approved by Apple.

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