About Library References

Library References in CustomShow keep content linked together, so that users can work with presentation content from other templates and presentations while the slides continue to receive updates from content creators.

To keep track of where Library content is available, Administrators and Library Slide Editors can view a sortable list of information for each Library Slide.

This list is found in the Library Console.

To access the Show References list, first select a presentation that contains at least one Library Slide. Then, Open the presentation.

After opening the presentation, select the Library Slide in the presentation. Then, double-click on the Access tab in the Properties panel.

Finally, click on the Show Refs button that appears.

The list will display several columns of information regarding the selected slide.

This information includes:

  • Last Modified Date
    • Time and Date when Slide had last been modified by any user with at least Edit Permissions.
  • Last Published Date
    • Time and Date when Slide has last been published by any user with at least Admin Permissions.
  • Slide Owner
    • Current owner of the Slide.
  • Slide Presentation Location
    • Location in the Library of the Presentation.
    • This category narrows down the location to the Presentation level.
  • Slide # Location in Presentation
    • Position of the slide in the specified presentation.


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