CustomShow Training: Outline

This outline is to be used as a guide for CustomShow Administrators for training with the CustomShow application.

The steps provided below are only a guide to the most prominent features in CustomShow. There are many additional features and functions across the CustomShow applications that may prove useful in training new users or helping existing users learn more.

A PDF Document is attached to this article, which can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Log into CustomShow (

    1. Make sure users have accounts
    2. Same credentials can be used for App.CustomShow.Com, Desktop Viewer and iPad App

Library (Creating Presentations)

    1. Point out Library location and My Presentations location
    2. Create New Presentation
    3. Drag and drop slides from Library into New Presentation
      • Point out Library Slide icon on slides
      • Rearrange, copy and delete slides in New Presentation


    1. Double-click on slide to go to Editor
    2. Show Library Slide alert and “Make a Copy” button
    3. Go through Slide Editing features and functionality
      • Insert any element and show Appearance Tab formatting (Standard for all slide elements)
      • Insert Textbox button and text formatting options
      • Insert Shape button and shape formatting options
      • Insert Chart button and chart formatting options
      • Insert Media button and options
        • Insert Media option (images and videos)
        • Media Library
        • My Resources
    4. Right-click menu options
      • Lock Element
      • Replace Media
      • Cut/Copy/Paste
    5. Hyperlinks
    6. Point out on thumbnail how Library Slide icon changes to Custom Slide icon (pencil)

Library (Sharing Presentations and Import PPT)

    1. Return to the Library Console
    2. Right-click on New Presentation
      • Copy/Duplicate/Delete/Rename
      • Share Presentation (View/Copy/Edit/Admin)
    3. Point out Shared Presentations folder
    4. Point out File>Import PPT feature
    5. Point out Notifications icon
      • Library Updates automatically are applied
      • Notifications are only shown if updated Library slides are used in personal presentations


    1. Create New SlideShow
      • From New Presentation
      • From Shared Presentation
      • From Library Presentation
    2. Add additional Presentation(s) to SlideShow
    3. Click to Copy URL
    4. Settings:
      • Notify Me When Viewed
      • Expires
      • Security
    5. Metrics
      • Activity
      • History
      • Also available in iPad App
    6. Collections
      • New Collections
      • Add to Collections
      • View in Desktop Viewer
    7. SlideShow List automatically syncs with iPad and Desktop Viewer Apps
      • Show SlideShow in Web Viewer by clicking on Launch Viewer
      • Show SlideShow in Desktop Viewer (if possible)
    8. Updating SlideShows by Publishing changes
      • Go back to Library and edit New Presentation
      • Click Publish
      • Go back to Desktop Viewer and Refresh SlideShow List to see update notification
      • SlideShow link is updated as well


    1. Create New Meeting
      • From New Presentation
      • From Shared Presentation
      • From Library Presentation
    2. Click to Copy URL
    3. Attendees see only first slide until host advances
    4. Settings:
      • View thumbnails
      • Allow Printing
      • View other attendees
    5. View Meeting as Owner, click Launch Meeting
      • Options: Meeting Options, change during Meeting
      • Add Participants during Meeting
    6. Meeting Report
      • When meeting ends, report shows slides shown, time on each slide, attendees with joined/left times
      • Old Meeting Reports are available on the Meeting Console by selecting Old Meetings and right-clicking on Meeting Title
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