Editor Tools: Images

CustomShow allows users to import images into the application for usage in presentations.

  • For information on how to import media into CustomShow, please see Importing Media.

Images, like all types of media, are added into a presentation by first clicking on the Media button at the top of the Editor Console.

In the window that appears, users can either import new media or add media that is already available.

  • Images can be added to a slide by clicking on the image in the media window and clicking on Insert.
  • Images can also be added to a slide by clicking and dragging the image from the media window on to the presentation slide.

Once an image is added to a slide, the image's properties can be examined in the Properties panel.

By default, when selecting an image the Appearance tab will be opened.

To view an image's properties, click on Image under the Element tab.

This will display the following information:

  • Media Path
    • File path for the image selected.
    • This path is relative, and changes to the location of image will not affect the visibility of the image in the presentation.
    • If an image is deleted, this will display as Deleted Items.
  • File name
    • Original name of the image file.
  • File size
    • File size of the imported image file.
  • Image Dimensions
    • Width and Height of the image file.
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