Copying Presentations: Hyperlinks

CustomShow presentations can contain Hyperlinks, which allow users to create clickable objects to navigate to locations throughout the presentation or to External URLs.

When adding Slides to a Personal Presentation from a Library Presentation, Hyperlinks will not prevent slides from remaining connected to the original Library Slides.

When creating copies of slides that contain hyperlink targets, CustomShow will prompt users to either Add All Selected and Linked Slides or Add Only Selected Slides.

The two options available, when working with Linked Slides, are as follows:

  • Add All Selected and Linked Slides

    • This option will copy all of the selected slides, as well as the slides that the hyperlinks are targeting in the order that they appear in the original presentation. These slides will all retain their hyperlinks.
  • Add Only Selected Slides (Break Links)

    • This option will copy only the selected slides into the destination presentation, but any target slides from the hyperlinks will not be added automatically.
    • Any hyperlink targets that are missing from the presentation will display the hyperlinks themselves as Missing. These links will not be active or clickable during presentation viewing.
    • Any hyperlinks that display their target as Missing can be Fixed by clicking on the Fix... option. This will allow a user to add the target Library Slide into the current presentation.


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