Sharing Presentations: Permissions & Rules

When sharing a presentation in CustomShow, presentation owners can set a variety of permissions and rules for their shared recipients.

Permissions are set immediately upon sharing a presentation, but can be modified if necessary after sharing a presentation as well.

There are five sets of permissions that will grant shared recipients different levels of access to a presentation.

These permissions are as follows:

  • View
    • Grants access to View the presentation in Full Screen Preview.
  • Copy
    • Grants all rules from View permissions.
    • Grants ability to copy & paste presentation or slides (inherits permissions) to create personal copies.
  • Edit
    • Grants all rules from the Copy & View permissions.
    • Grants ability to directly open the presentation itself.
    • Grants ability to edit slides, elements, and the presentation content.
  • Admin
    • Grants all rules from the Copy, View, and Edit permissions.
    • Grants ability to Publish presentation (pushing changes to SlideShows/Meetings/Library).
    • Grants ability to share presentation and set access rules for other users.
  • Owner
    • Identical to permissions granted to an Admin. An Owner is also able to modify permissions from other Admin users.
    • This option is only available after a presentation has already been shared.
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