Import PowerPoint As Editable Slides

This option extends the PowerPoint import capabilities to produce an image-based rendering of each source component within the CustomShow slide.

In addition, Customizable with Editable Text allows users to import PowerPoint presentations into CustomShow while retaining any editable text boxes.

The alternate method, available by selecting the Snapshot radio button, renders a single image that contains all elements. This option should continue to be used when you need quick and accurate conversions of PowerPoint presentations that will not require any further editing, element repositioning, or other formatting changes.

When selecting the Customizable radio button, each chart, movie, embedded object, WordArt text component, and image, will be placed onto your CustomShow slides and into the Media Library as image representations of the original PowerPoint elements.

Text boxes will be imported as images with the Customizable button. If the Customizable with Editable Text option is selected, text boxes will be imported as live editable text in CustomShow.

  • The slide canvas will have the same aspect ratio (sizing) as that found in the original PowerPoint presentation.
  • The elements will be placed on the slide in their correct, relative positions and rotation.
  • Shapes will maintain their transparent backgrounds.
  • Master Slide components and background colors/treatments will be rendered as a single image and locked to the background of their respective CustomShow slides.
  • Videos will need to be inserted onto the slide at a later time.  In the PowerPoint import to CustomShow, an image of the video’s poster frame is located on the slide as a placeholder.
    • You’ll want to replace the image representation of the video with the actual video by Importing Media
  • For objects such as a Excel spreadsheets or Charts, an image element that is an exact rendering of the visual element found in your original PowerPoint presentation is produced and placed on the slide.
  • PowerPoint Group shapes, pictures, and objects will be treated in CustomShow as a single image representation of the full group of those grouped PowerPoint objects.
  • Custom fonts in PowerPoint presentations will generally be converted during the Import process. If the Custom font is not available for conversion, the custom font will be altered to use a sans-serif typeface from the Arial type family.
  • When selecting the with Editable Text option, Text Boxes will utilize fonts imported into CustomShow if they are available.
  • Formats for images and videos such as Shadow, Line, Glow & Soft Edges, 3-D Format, and 3-D Rotation will not be represented in the CustomShow rendition of the image or video.  CustomShow provides formatting options such as line and shadow that can satisfy many of these formatting needs.
  • The PowerPoint animations for each object will not carry through to CustomShow.  You may further edit the presentation in CustomShow to add the Builds and Animations.
  • The slide transitions and associated effects will not carry through to CustomShow.  You may select any of CustomShow’s slide transitions to capture a rich array of effects.

Media Resources

Whether you select Snapshot or Customizable in the Import PowerPoint selection dialog, each imported presentation will be added to a folder named PowerPoint Imports in the My Presentations folder. 

When selecting Customizable, the Media Library will display a background image that represents the components found in the Master Slide and background selection.  The Media Library also contains a Resources folder with the original images found in your source PowerPoint presentation.

Finally, each slide that contains rendered or altered representations of the text or images will be found in a folder associated to that slide number.


When the import process has been completed, CustomShow will alert you. This dialog will prompt you to either open the presentation immediately, or dismiss the alert.

Selecting OK in this alert will open the presentation in the Library Console. 

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