Welcome to CustomShow

Welcome to CustomShow!


As a new CustomShow user, you will have access to the entirety of the CustomShow application suite. This includes the CustomShow web application, the Desktop Viewer AIR application, and the CustomShow iPad app.

Numerous articles, FAQs, tutorials, and guides can be found on the CustomShow Help Center. Please check out the information available here for answers to common questions and problems:


You can login to the CustomShow web application to create, modify, manage, and share your presentation content. The website for the application is:


For information on best practices, tips, and more, please see the following article:


For new users, or users looking to brush up on working with CustomShow, you can find Workflow Guides on the CustomShow application suite in the following section of the CustomShow Help Center:


The CustomShow Desktop Viewer is a lightweight application that allows users to download and view their SlideShow content in an offline environment. This is the ideal platform to use when presenting content when an internet connection is not available:


The CustomShow iPad Viewer can be downloaded from the iPad's app store, and allows users to download and view their SlideShow content on the device directly much like the Desktop Viewer. This is also a great option when planning to present in an offline environment:


Please let us know if you have feedback, questions, or need more help with CustomShow! You can contact CustomShow Support at, or you can reach our Support lines at 800-255-5303.

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