Presentation Guides

Users are able to create and remove Guide Lines in each CustomShow presentation.

Guides are created per presentation, and will appear on each slide throughout the applied presentation.

Guides can be hidden or displayed as needed, and they will never be visible when presenting a presentation in any format.

To create new guides in CustomShow, open any presentation in the Editor Console. Then, click and drag the mouse from the top horizontal ruler or the left vertical ruler:

Once a Guide has been created, a user can drag it to any location as needed.

  • To remove a Guide, drag and drop the guide back on to rulers.

There are a number of options that can be used to Hide, Lock, and Clear guides. These options can be found in the View menu at the top of CustomShow.

  • Hide/Show Rulers
    • Option displays as Hide Rulers by default. 
    • Rulers are hidden when enabled.
    • Hiding Rulers stop all interaction on Rulers.
  • Hide/Show Guides
    • Option displays as Hide Guides by default.
    • Guides are hidden when enabled. This applies to the entire presentation.
  • Lock/Unlock Guides
    • Option displays as Lock Guides by default.
    • Guides are locked in their positions and cannot be interacted with when enabled.
  • Clear all Guides
    • Removes all Guides from the entire presentation.


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