About Meetings

Meetings contain content selected by a CustomShow user that allow the Meeting's Owner to present and navigate through one or more presentations.

A Meeting is easily accessible, and can be viewed by providing a simple URL to any participant. However, unlike SlideShows (See: About SlideShows) only the Owner of a Meeting can navigate through the content.

This allows the Meeting Owner to control the pace of the presentation and the visibility of the content.

Meetings can be configured with a number of privacy and security options, as well as display and hide a number of interface elements at any time depending on the Owner's preferences.

Video playback in Meetings is streamed, and each video utilizes a system that automatically detects the best possible playback options for each user. This helps keep videos playing back at the same time for all of the participants of a Meeting.

Meetings can be attended by multiple users at the same time. This makes Meetings the ideal format when presenting content to numerous users remotely.

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