CustomShow features a number of options to produce printed copies of presentations and SlideShows, as well as the option to create a local PDF document if needed.

Presentations must be opened to Print.

SlideShows must be viewed to Print.

In the Library or Editor Console, a presentation must be Opened before the Print option is enabled.

Likewise, SlideShows can only only be printed when viewed. SlideShows cannot be printed directly from the SlideShow Console.


Printing Presentations

In the Editor or Library Console, first select a presentation.

Then, click on Open Pres.

After the presentation has loaded, the Print button will appear enabled. Click this button to begin the process.

Printing SlideShows

When viewing a SlideShow or a Meeting (if allowed), simply click on Options and select Print.

  • Clicking on Print in the SlideShow Console will display an alert message prompting the user to first launch and view the SlideShow to print.


After performing either of the above actions, the Print dialog window will be displayed.

There are a number of options users can select from to fit their printing needs:

  • Layout
    • Page Format
      • Slides
        • 1 Slide per Page
      • Slides + Notes
        • 1 Slide per Page with Slide Notes positioned below the slide display
      • 3 Slides + Notes
        • 3 Slides per Page with Slide Notes positioned next to each slide grid
      • 6 Slides
        • 6 Slides per Page in Grid Format
  • Options
    • Slide Numbers
      • Checkbox to enable or disable automatic Slide Numbers on each page
    • Note Formatting
      • Selectable styles for Notes.
      • Options are only enabled when selecting Slide + Notes or 3 Slides + Notes formats.
  • Slides
    • All
      • Prints all slides in the presentation/SlideShow
    • Current Slide
      • Prints only the currently viewed slide
    • Range
      • Prints the entered range of slide numbers
      • Comma separated or dash separated to indicate range of slide numbers

After the options are selected, users can choose to either print the presentation directly to a PDF or print the presentation to their printer for a physical copy.

To print as a PDF, click on PDF. 

After the process completes, click on OK and select the location on the computer to save the file.

To print to a printer, click on Print. The system print dialog will be displayed immediately, prompting a user for generic printing information. After completing the system dialog windows, the presentation will process its print job and then send the job to the selected printer.

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