SlideShow Collections: iOS App

By creating a SlideShow Collection, the iOS App can filter and display only the specified SlideShows from the selected Collection.

This allows for easy access to pre-built lists of only the necessary SlideShows for a CustomShow user.

To select a Collection in the iOS App, login to the App and then tap on the Collection drop-down menu.

This menu will display a selectable list of any SlideShow Collections created by the current user.

Tapping on a Collection from this list will immediately filter the list of SlideShows to display only the SlideShows from the selected Collection.

This filter applies to SlideShows that have been Downloaded or otherwise, as tapping on the Downloaded or All list filters will still only display downloaded or available SlideShows.

  • This selection persists after logging out of the iOS App, so that when users shut down the application their previous selection will be immediately loaded.

  • Note: If a user has not created any Collections, then the Collections menu bar will not be visible until a Collection is created. The All SlideShows filter will be applied by default.
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