Managing SlideShow Collections

SlideShow Collections allow users to organize their individual SlideShows into Collections which will allow for easy access.

SlideShow Collections can be used in the Desktop Viewer, iPad App, and the Web Viewer to display only the SlideShows from the selected Collection.

By creating new Collections, any user can add a SlideShow to the Collection by locating their own SlideShow or any SlideShow that has been shared to the user.

SlideShow Collections will appear as selectable items in the Manage SlideShows list. Every Collection will display a numeric indicator next to the Collection name displaying the amount of SlideShows contained in the Collection.

Users can create as many SlideShow Collections as needed.


To begin working with SlideShow Collections, open the SlideShow Console.

Then, right-click on any SlideShow.

Select Add to Collection...

A new window will appear, which by default will be empty. To create a Collection, enter a name for the first Collection and click OK.

The new Collection will appear in the Manage SlideShows list and will contain the SlideShow that had been selected.

Additional Collections can be created in the same manner.

To add more SlideShows to an existing Collection, right-click any SlideShow as mentioned above.

Select Add to Collection...

In the window that appears, click on a Collection in the list displayed and click OK. This will add the selected SlideShow to the existing Collection, and will update the Collection immediately.

To remove a SlideShow from a Collection, first select the Collection you wish to manage. This will display a full list of all the SlideShows contained in the Collection.

Right-click on any SlideShow, and select Remove from Collection.



Collections can also be managed from the SlideShow Console. Users can rename, remove, or remove all of the associated SlideShows from any single Collection as needed.


To rename a Collection, right-click on the Collection and select Rename. A prompt will be displayed, asking the user to enter a new name for the Collection and to confirm the change.


To remove a Collection, right-click on the Collection and select Remove. A new window will be displayed, asking to confirm the removal with the user. SlideShow Collections that have been removed cannot be recovered or undone.


To remove all SlideShows from a Collection, right-click on the Collection and select Clear all associated SlideShows. A new window will be displayed, asking to confirm the removal of all SlideShows from the selected Collection. Removing all SlideShows from a Collection cannot be undone.


Finally, users can examine the Collections that any one SlideShow are a part of. This can be seen in the SlideShow Tools panel, by double-clicking on the Included in Collections tab.

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