Meeting Settings

Meetings in CustomShow feature a number of settings that can be configured at any time. These settings apply to the Meeting immediately, so changes will be seen by Meeting Participants as the Meeting is In Progress.

These options can be changed by the Meeting Owner only, via the Meeting Console or in the Meeting Viewer during the Meeting.

Meeting Console

Selecting any Meeting will display its settings in the right side-panel, under the Meeting Tools.

Meeting Viewer

During a Meeting, the owner can access and modify the Meeting Settings by clicking on Options and then clicking on Meeting Options.

This will display the Meeting Options dialog window.

  • Private:
    • Disabled by Default
    • When enabled, only users who have been added as a Participant by the Meeting owner can join the Meeting. No other users will be able to access the Meeting.
    • Please see Sending Meeting Invitations for more information on inviting Participants.

  • Allow Printing:
    • Disabled by Default
    • When enabled, Meeting participants are able to print the Meeting's content via the Options: Print menu.
  • Notes:
    • Disabled by Default
    • When enabled, Meeting participants can see the Notes panel at the bottom of the Meeting interface. Notes will be displayed for each slide.
  • Slide Thumbnails:
    • Disabled by Default
    • When enabled, Meeting participants are able to see the thumbnails for each slide in the Meeting when viewing.
  • Participant List
    • Disabled by Default
    • When enabled, Meeting participants can view the Tools panel on the right side of the Meeting. This area will display the list of current Meeting Participants.

Additionally, Security allows users to specify what level of security will be set for their particular Meeting.

For more information on the Security options for Meetings, please see the Help Center article on Meeting Security.

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