Editor Tools: Videos

CustomShow allows users to import video files into the application for usage online and offline.

  • For information on how to import media into CustomShow, please see Importing Media.

To import a new video, or add an existing video to a presentation slide, click on the Media button at the top of CustomShow's Editor Console.

  • Videos can be added to a slide by clicking on the video in the media window and clicking on Insert.
  • Videos can also be added to a slide by clicking and dragging the video from the media window on to the presentation slide.

Once a video is added to a slide, the image's properties can be examined in the Properties Panel.

By default, when selecting a video the Video tab will be opened.

This panel will display the following information for the selected video:

  • Media Path
    • File path for the video selected.
    • This path is relative, and changes to the location of the video will not affect the visibility or playback of the video in the presentation.
    • If the video is deleted, this will display as Deleted Items.
  • File name
    • Original name of the video file.
  • File size
    • File size of the imported video file.
    • This size will not reflect the file size of the original video file, as all video files are converted to a baseline format when added to CustomShow.
  • Video Dimensions
    • Width and Height of the video file.

In addition to this information, users can apply video playback options:

  • Advance After Playback
    • Enabling this option will advance the presentation to the next slide after the selected video has completed playback.
  • Loop Playback
    • Enabling this option will loop the video continuously after it completes playback.
    • Slide navigation must be done via user interaction to stop the video loop.
  • Mute Audio
    • Enabling this option will force the selected video to mute its audio track when starting playback. Sound can be re-enabled by clicking on the Volume indicator on the Video Controls during playback.
  • Start on Click
    • Enabling this option will allow a user to click on the video to begin playback, rather than starting the video playback immediately.
  • Display Play Button
    • Start on Click must be enabled for this feature.
    • Enabling this option will display a semi-transparent Play Button on top of the selected video before clicking on it to begin playback. The button will be removed after the click.
  • Show Video Controls
    • Three options are available for this dropdown menu:
    • On Rollover
      • Enabled by default. User can mouse over the video to display the controls.
    • Always
      • Controls are displayed at all times, even when mouse is not over the video.
    • Never
      • Controls are never displayed, and will not be displayed even if the mouse moves over the video object.
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