About the Media Library

The Media Library in CustomShow is a component of the Library Console.

All media resources that have been imported into CustomShow can be found in the Media Library. Users have access to any media that they have imported, as well as media that has been made available by their organization's CustomShow Administrators.

The Media Library is ideal for organizing imported resources, such as images, videos, and flash files. It is also possible for users to preview their videos, as well as set poster frames for those videos to use.

To access the Media Library, open the Library Console. Then, click on the (+) icon above Media on the far right side of the Library Console's interface.

This will expand the Media Library and hide the Presentation Library.

Once in the Media Library, users can organize and manage their personal media resources.

For information on managing content in both the Media and Presentation Libraries, please see Organizing the Library.

The Media Library also features some other features that are specific only to Media content:

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