CustomShow Update - March 15, 2014



  • Desktop Viewer resource download now attempts to download from multiple locations. Additional error handling has been put in place for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Desktop Viewer now has the Refresh SlideShow List button visible at the top of the application window.
  • Fixed issue when copying Library slides from a Presentation that contained deleted target slides from a link. Presentations with these "deleted links" can now be copied successfully regardless of whether an Admin has published a new version of the presentation.
  • Improved Printing and PDF capabilities.
  • PDF quality has been improved.
  • Printing with slides at various aspect ratios will now position the slides at the correct alignment when printing to 3 Slide & 6 Slide formats.
  • Printing or PDF'ing a presentation will no longer generate horizontal or vertical scroll bars in the application interface.
  • Fixed Text Box issue where the Default Text value would appear even when text box contained content.
  • Bullet lists now correctly uses the Auto option to determine the color of the text and the bullets.
  • Collaborative Editing has been improved in terms of stability and content updates.
  • Disabled Guest user accounts now no longer appear in the Auto-Complete section when attempting to Share a SlideShow or Meeting.
  • Slides can no longer be dropped into the Presentation Library (top panel) in the Library Console. This would not affect a presentation in the past, but may have caused issues in the user interface.
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