CustomShow Update - January 25, 2014

New Features

  • New Text Boxes now retain formatting changes made prior to text being entered. Users can now apply formatting to new text boxes without double-clicking to enter text first.
    • Changes made to placeholder text for new text boxes are carried over to copied or duplicated text boxes even before text is entered.


  • Numerous stability, network, and performance fixes.
  • Default font text has been updated to use the intended version of the Arial font.
  • Collaborative editing in presentations no longer causes text boxes to enter a locked state.
  • Preview and Edit Poster Frame windows are now correctly sized as per the aspect ratio of the monitor in use.
  • Fonts containing no Regular style font are now properly loaded to corresponding SlideShows.
  • Desktop Viewer now downloads font files used for each selected SlideShow. Modified fonts are downloaded when updates are made available for each SlideShow.
  • Update Content option in Media Library now updates media across all affected presentations and not just published presentations.
  • Recent Color selection is now updated properly in all instances per CustomShow session. This includes but is not limited to: Text Color, Background Color, New Presentation Background Color, Stroke Color, and Fill Color.
  • Additional logging for forced restart messages.
  • Fixes to presentation management options and thumbnail updating in the Library Console.
  • Fixes to text editing, chart, and shape components in the Editor Console.
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