CustomShow Update - September 21, 2014

New Features

  • PowerPoint Import for Notes and Transition
    • CustomShow's PowerPoint Import now includes PowerPoint generated Notes and selected Transitions.
    • Transitions are modified to match the closest possible transition in CustomShow, as not all PowerPoint transitions are available in CustomShow.


  • Fixed issue where the Permissions on certain slides would appear as N/A in special cases.
  • Fixed Text Style issues when working with List Items in the Editor Console.
  • Locked Background elements are no longer included in Distribute actions when selecting multiple elements in the Editor Console.
  • Fixed issue where adding Notes to a slide would not update the Notes display for other slides.
  • Fixed mouse and keyboard focus issues with slide elements in the Editor Console.
  • Improved Forced Restart cases, where CustomShow would sometimes force a user to restart the application after the system has entered Sleep or Hibernate.
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