Admin Console: Groups

The Groups panel in the Admin Console sorts all users by their respective groups and subgroups.

By default, one group is created per Client. For assistance in configuring a multiple-group or sub-group configuration for categorizing users, please contact CustomShow support.

Clicking on any of the arrows in the group lists will expand or collapse the groups displayed.

Users that have been registered and activated will appear in the assigned groups here. All users who have viewed content in CustomShow, whether they had created an account or not, will be stored under the Guest group for each particular client.

This list can be expanded to view a full list of current guest accounts, which is generally composed of users who do not login to CustomShow but have viewed a SlideShow in CustomShow at one point.

The Groups panel also displays the same options to create, edit, disable, and manage users as in the Users panel.

For more details on these options and how to make changes, please see the Admin Console: Users article.

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