About the Admin Console

The Admin Console is a console in CustomShow that is only visible to specific users in the application.

Users granted Administrator access to CustomShow will see this additional console appear near the bottom of the Consoles list.

The Admin Console is used to add, remove, edit, and otherwise manage users, groups, and settings for your company's CustomShow Library.


Users who are granted access to the Admin Console are considered Group Administrators, and have a great deal of control over who can access the application and how the users interact with CustomShow.


The Admin Console is split into three sub-sections:

  • Users Panel
    • This section contains a full list of all active, inactive, unregistered, and guest accounts used for your company's CustomShow.
  • Groups Panel
    • This section displays expandable and collapsable lists of all groups and sub-groups for your company's CustomShow.
  • Clients Panel
    • This last section displays all of the available options to change for all users in your CustomShow group, as well as options for content Libraries.
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