CustomShow gives content creators and presenters several ways to show their presentations to the world. Users can choose to show content through the CustomShow web-based application, in the CustomShow Desktop Viewer application, or even in a mobile format through the CustomShow iPad App.

Presenting in Person (Offline)

CustomShow Desktop Viewer

To present a presentation offline, any registered CustomShow user can download and work in the CustomShow Desktop Viewer. This application allows users to store their presentations and present the content even when an internet connection is not available. The application stores your CustomShow login credentials as well, ensuring that you will be able to load a full list of accessible presentations at any time.


The Desktop Viewer uses SlideShows to store data, so any SlideShows that you have created or SlideShows that have been shared to you by another user will be available to download.

For information on installing the Desktop Viewer, please see our CustomShow Desktop Viewer User Guide.

Once you’ve installed and opened the Desktop Viewer, you will be prompted for your CustomShow login information. Make sure that you enable the Keep Me Signed In option before entering your login info, so that you’ll be able to close and reopen the application without an internet connection and continue to work with your content.


The Desktop Viewer has a simple interface, splitting your available and downloaded SlideShows on one side of the screen, with information about the selected SlideShow on the other side of the screen. Each SlideShow will display an indicator icon, which will change depending on the status of the SlideShow. The green check mark icon indicates that your SlideShow is downloaded and available for Offline viewing.

Select a SlideShow to see its information appear on the right side of the screen. Then, click on Download to pull down the SlideShow content to your computer. After the download completes, simply double-click on the name of the SlideShow or click on the Launch button that appears over the presentation thumbnail.

Normal mouse and keyboard navigation allows you to control the progress of your presentations. You can also launch the presentation into Full Screen mode by clicking on the small double-arrow icon near the bottom-right corner of the screen. Hit the ESC key on your keyboard to leave this mode. You can return to your list of SlideShows by clicking on the SlideShows button in the top-left corner of the screen at any time.


CustomShow iPad App

The CustomShow iPad App lets SlideShow owners download and view their SlideShows directly from their device, even when an internet connection is not available. Much like the Desktop Viewer, the iPad App allows a user to retrieve SlideShows and store them on the device for mobile presenting.


For information on installing the iPad App, please see our CustomShow iPad Quick Guide.

After installing the iPad App, you will be required to enter your login credentials. After doing so, the app will retrieve a list of available SlideShows, including any SlideShows you have created or content that has been shared to your account. The list of available SlideShows is the same as the list found in the CustomShow Desktop Viewer, and the SlideShow Console in the CustomShow web application.

For information on creating a SlideShow to add a presentation to the iPad, please see the How To article on adding a presentation to the iPad.

The list of available content is separated into two sections. The Downloaded and All buttons correspond to content that is downloaded to the device (can be viewed offline) and content that is available to be downloaded from the CustomShow network (must be downloaded to view) respectively.

Tap on either of these buttons to select the appropriate list to view.

You can also filter out SlideShows by name by tapping on the Search SlideShows field.


Tap on any SlideShow to see the SlideShow’s properties. Then, simply tap on the SlideShow’s thumbnail or tap on View to launch the SlideShow.

In this view, you can tap on the left and right side of the slide to navigate back and forward through the presentation. You can also slide your finger to the left or to the right to navigate forward or back respectively. Finally, sliding your finger up or down on any slide will return to the Navigation screen where you can tap on the SlideShow button to return to the iPad’s main screen.

Presenting on the Web


Sending an invitation to view a recipient in the form of a web link will open the CustomShow Viewer landing page, where the recipient will be prompted to view the SlideShow. SlideShows allow content creators to keep track of who has viewed their content, when, and how many times. A SlideShow owner can even set up specific options on their content to restrict access and keep private content private!


For more information on sharing, viewing, and presenting with SlideShows, please see our article on the basics of the SlideShow Viewer.


CustomShow also gives users the option to share a presentation in a Meeting format, which allows the owner of the Meeting to control what is seen by all of its viewers. Sending an invitation to a participant will provide a web link, which can then be opened to enter the meeting. All participants must enter an e-mail address to join a meeting, but a CustomShow account is not required. Meeting participants will only see the slide content shown by the Meeting owner.


For more information on the Meeting Viewer options, please see article on the basics of the Meeting Viewer.

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