CustomShow Update - December 21, 2013

New Features

  • Added Preview button in Media Library to preview media assets for all users.
  • Added File Size and Dimensions to Inspector panel in the Media Library for all assets.
  • Added Remove All button in the Notifications window to remove every current notification.
  • New Presentation thumbnails in Icon View
    • Presentation thumbnails are now generated based on the first slide of each presentation. 
    • Empty presentations use the placeholder presentation icon.


  • Mousing over property buttons in the Editor Console no longer causes the selected field to lose focus.
  • Clicking and dragging items in the Library Console will no longer cause the auto-scrolling to continue after releasing the mouse click.
  • Clicking and dragging a presentation in the Library Console while holding the ALT key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac OSX) will now properly create a copy of the dragged presentation in the destination folder.
  • Fixed scaling problem in the Editor Console where proportional scaling was being used even when the Shift key was not being held.
  • Image scaling now resamples images correctly to ensure aspect ratio is maintained at all sizes.
  • Image scaling now smooths resampled images.
  • Fixed fonts appearing out of order when managing fonts as an Administrator.
  • Fixed font filter when attempting to upload new font files to display both OTF and TTF files at the same time.
  • Update Content for Administrators now replaces existing media assets in presentations without requiring a SlideShow version of the presentation.
  • Fixed issue when attempting to rapidly undo animation changes in the Editor Console.
  • Fixed issue with Modified Date when creating a new presentation in the Library Console.
  • Fixed issue when adding unregistered user e-mails into the Recipients panel when sharing SlideShows or Meetings.
  • Fixed multi-selection display of items in the Library Console's Inspector panel.
  • Modified alert messages in Library Console to correspond with new multi-selection components.
  • Added alert message to prevent multiple file import windows from being opened at the same time.
  • Fixes to viewing components in the Library Console.
  • Fixes to editing components in the Editor Console.
  • Fixes to Admin Console for Client Administrators.

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