Import PowerPoint to CustomShow

CustomShow has the ability to Import PowerPoint presentations into the application.

  • CustomShow can import PowerPoint Presentations in one of the three following formats:

    • Snapshot
      • Presentation is imported into CustomShow as a single image per slide.
    • Customizable
      • Presentation is imported into CustomShow with each element as an individual image. This includes text boxes, charts, videos, and all other elements of the slides.
    • Customizable with Editable Text
      • Presentation is imported into CustomShow with each element as an individual image, and all text boxes will be imported as live editable text boxes. Fonts will be matched with fonts uploaded by CustomShow Administrators.
  • CustomShow can import any .PPTX file. CustomShow does not support .PPT file imports.
  • Each imported presentation will be added to a folder named PowerPoint Imports in the My Presentations folder. This location cannot be changed, but presentations can be moved or copied from this location after a successful import.
  • Each presentation imported into CustomShow is added as a separate presentation. Importing the same presentation multiple times will create copies of the presentation, even if the presentation's content is actually different than another version's.

To begin importing a PowerPoint presentation, click on the Import PPTX button.


Or click on File: Import PowerPoint in any console.

You will be prompted to select a .PPTX file. Only one file can be selected to be uploaded at a time.

Select the appropriate import option for your presentation after selecting a file.

CustomShow will then load the presentation, preparing the file for conversion.

After the file is added to CustomShow, the application will alert you that the import is in progress. CustomShow will shortly alert you of the import's status.

When the import process has been completed, CustomShow will alert you. This window will present you with a number of options to immediately begin working with the imported content. The options are as follows:

  • Open Pres
    • Opens the imported presentation in the Library Console.
  • New SlideShow
    • Creates a new SlideShow from the imported presentation, opening the SlideShow Console upon completion with the new SlideShow selected.
  • New Meeting
    • Creates a new Meeting from the imported presentation, opening the Meeting Console upon completion with the new Meeting selected.

Selecting the X (in the top right corner) in this alert will stop any action from occurring on the imported presentation.

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