Sharing presentations in CustomShow is as simple as entering an e-mail address. Invitations to view content can be sent automatically through the CustomShow interface, or users can choose to add web links that CustomShow provides to their own personal e-mails. CustomShow even allows users to manage their own online meetings to control their content as it is viewed in real time.

Online Presentations

In CustomShow, sharing presentations is accomplished by working with SlideShows. SlideShows are the method of delivery for presentations which allow for presentation creators to control who views their presentations and how.

For more information on content management in SlideShows, please see About SlideShows.


A new SlideShow is created by opening the SlideShow Console and clicking on New SlideShow. Select any presentation that you have access to, and a new SlideShow will be added to the list of Active SlideShows.

Once a SlideShow has been created, you can modify the settings to suit your presentation needs. On the right side of the screen, you can access the SlideShow Tools. The options here include the ability to set a level of security for your SlideShows, so that you can require a viewer to either view a SlideShow anonymously, enter an e-mail address, or enter as a registered CustomShow user.


There are many other features here, most notably of which is the Notify Me When Viewed checkbox. This option is enabled by default, and allows CustomShow to send you an e-mail anytime someone views your SlideShow.

To learn more about the SlideShow Tools and the features available, please see the SlideShow Console & Viewer section.

When your SlideShow is ready, you can invite recipients to view the content at any time. You can add recipients in two ways depending on your needs. You can simply click on the link provided in the Recipients section to copy the link for the SlideShow, and then paste the link into a personalized e-mail.


It is also possible to send out a SlideShow invitation to multiple recipients via CustomShow by clicking on the Add Recipient button. In this pop-up, you can enter e-mail addresses for your recipients and select existing CustomShow users from the Choose from Contacts window. Make sure you enable the option to Send Email Notification if you plan on giving the recipient a notification with the link in it!


You can check to see which SlideShows have been shared with your account as well by clicking on the Shared With Me filter on the far left side of the screen. Any SlideShow that another user has sent to your e-mail address will be visible in this list. You cannot change the settings for a Shared SlideShow.


Online Meetings

CustomShow also has the ability to host and participate in online meetings. These meetings are created and managed in the Meeting Console. Any available or pending meetings will be displayed in the list here. This includes Meetings that you have been invited to view, though expired meetings are filtered out by default.


To create a new meeting, click on the New Meeting button. You will be prompted to select a presentation to add as your meeting content. Click on Open to create the new meeting and add it to your meeting list.

Much like a SlideShow, a meeting has a set of Meeting Tools which can be modified on the fly to suit your needs. Meeting security options is the primary setting to find here, though meetings do require at least an e-mail address to be entered to view the meeting.


To learn more about the Meeting Tools and the features available, please see the Meeting Console & Viewer section.

Sharing a meeting is handled in the same manner as SlideShows. As the meeting owner, you can click on the link provided in the Participants section to copy the link and then send in whatever method is preferred.

You can also click on the Add button to open the Add Participants pop-up, where you can enter any number of e-mail addresses to send out invitations. As with SlideShow invitations, make sure you have the Send Email Notification checkbox enabled to ensure your participants receive e-mails if this is how they are meant to receive the meeting link!


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