What is the difference between a Presentation and a SlideShow?

In CustomShow, you may see some content referred to as a SlideShow, and at other times as a Presentation. There is a distinct difference between these two terms, though they are closely related.

Presentation is the raw version of a presentation that is created. Presentations are created, modified, and shared in the Library and Editor consoles. Presentations can only be shared to other CustomShow users.

SlideShow is a container for one or more presentations. A SlideShow is created in the SlideShow Console and each new SlideShow is created by selecting a single presentation. More presentations can be added to a single SlideShow. After a SlideShow has been created, it can be shared to others. Unlike presentations, SlideShows can be shared to anyone. This means you can share a SlideShow to colleagues, clients, and many others by simply providing a web link.

Please see Sending SlideShows for more information.

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