Meeting Viewer: Basics

CustomShow gives users the option to share a presentation in a Meeting format, which allows the owner of the Meeting to control what is seen by all of its viewers.

Sending an invitation to a participant will provide a web link, which can then be opened to enter the meeting. All participants must enter an e-mail address to join a meeting, but a CustomShow account is not required. Meeting participants will only see the slide content shown by the Meeting owner.

To begin a meeting as a Meeting owner, first open the Meeting Console in CustomShow and select your meeting. Then, click on the Launch Viewer thumbnail. This will open the Meeting Viewer page.

This page is unique to the Meeting owner, as only the owner will be able to see all of the controls and options that allow you to modify the meeting and its participants even as the meeting is in progress.

Meeting owner options include general security options such as setting the Meeting to require participants to enter a valid CustomShow login, as well as allow only users who have been sent an invitation to view the content.

Meeting owners can also change what is visible in the User Interface for participants, including making the Participant List, Slide Thumbnails, and Notes for the presentation visible for all viewers. These parts of the interface are always visible to the owner, but are disabled by default for viewers.

Navigation in a Meeting is only possible for the Meeting owner. The slide content that the owner sees is the same slide content that the participants see. As the Meeting owner, you can Start and Stop the meeting at any time. Stopping a meeting will end the presentation playback for all viewers.

Keep in mind that closing the Meeting Viewer’s window in your browser will not end the Meeting! Your Meeting will remain active until the owner chooses to end the meeting, or no activity from the owner has been detected for 2 hours!

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