Building & Editing

CustomShow includes a full-fledged content management system that forms the basis of building and editing your company's presentations. All your company’s media right at your fingertips. Presentations, videos, logos and other collateral is on brand and in one place.

Library Console

The Library Console in CustomShow contains all of the tools and resources you will need to begin building a presentation with new or existing content.


To get started, open the Library Console and click on New Pres. You will be asked to enter a name and set the slide dimensions for your presentation, so choose accordingly.


The presentation will be created and appear at the bottom of the screen in the Presentation Editor panel. This is where you have control over the presentation, so any lasting changes to the slide names, ordering, and more will be done in this panel.

The Presentation Editor panel will be empty when a new presentation is created, so you can add new slides by clicking on the New Slide button at the top of your screen.

To work with already existing content in your presentation, locate the presentation you would like to take slides from in the Presentations panel at the top of the screen and Double-Click on the presentation. This will display all of the slides of the presentation as thumbnails.

Simply drag and drop a thumbnail slide from the top Presentations panel to the bottom Presentation Editor panel to copy the slide for your own use and editing.


If you plan on editing an existing presentation, locate the presentation in the Presentations panel, select the presentation, and then click on the Open Pres button at the top of the screen. Remember, the Open Pres button always opens the presentation to be edited. If you are planning to copy content from a presentation make sure that you double-click on the presentation instead.

A number of other options are available when right-clicking on a presentation in the Presentations panel as well as in the Presentation Editor panel.

Editor Console

To work within and edit your presentations, you will need to enter the Editor Console. If a presentation is already open in the Presentation Editor panel, then you can simply click on the Editor button in the console panel on the left to begin immediately. You can also double-click a slide in the Presentation Editor panel to open that slide in the Editor Console as well.


The Editor Console in CustomShow is used to create new content, modify existing content, and import resources from other sources to work within CustomShow. You can add text, shapes, charts, images, movies, and flash files to slides and edit these resources as needed to customize your presentations.


The top panel of the Editor Console contains buttons to insert all of the main components in your presentation: Text, Shapes, Charts, and Media. The Media button in particular allows you to select media added to your internal library or previously-used images, movies, and flash files. Additionally, new media can be imported into this library by clicking on the Import Media button and then selected any supported file from your computer itself.

All resources added to your presentation can be modified in CustomShow. You can modify text, size, position, formatting, and many properties by using the resizing handles and clicking and dragging these resources when they have been added to the slide canvas. You can edit text by double-clicking on a text box on the slide.

Further changes can be made to the settings and formatting of your resources in the Properties panel on the right side of the screen. The Properties panel updates depending on what kind of resource you have selected. You can change text and paragraph formatting, modify the transparency of images, change how videos playback on your slides, and even add animations to your presentation.


When you are ready to preview your presentation, you can view the draft or finalized version by clicking on the Full Screen button in the top left corner of the screen. This will load your slides to fit the size of your monitor so that the presentation can be previewed.

You can also share your presentation with colleagues who have access to CustomShow by selecting the Presentation tab in the Properties panel. Then, click on Access and choose Share. The window displayed here allows you to change the level of permissions granted to other CustomShow users in your network.


Presentations that have been shared will appear for the recipient in the Shared Presentations folder in the Library Console. Presentations that have been shared and set to the Edit level of permissions can be modified by the recipient and presentations can be worked on in a collaborative manner this way!

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