Why are some of the buttons in the Library grayed out?

The Library Console's menu buttons correspond to actions that can be taken with selected presentations.

Several of these actions can be only be taken if a presentation is in an "open" state, which means that the presentation is open in the bottom panel in the Library Console.

New Slide, Publish, and Print are only available when a presentation is visible and selected in the bottom Presentation Editor panel.

Working with the Library

The Library Console is split into two sections:

The top section is the Presentations panel, where presentation are managed, created, duplicated, and more.

This panel is meant to allow users to keep their presentation content organized. Additionally, by double-clicking on a presentation the slides in the presentation will be made visible in a Preview mode.

It is important to note that by double-clicking on a presentation, the presentation is not "opened". Instead, the presentation is being "previewed" as nothing in the top Presentations panel can be edited.

The bottom section is the Presentation Editor panel, which is where slides can be moved, deleted, and most importantly this is where a user will drag and drop a slide into to create a copy of the slide. Slides can only be dragged and dropped from the top portion to this area.

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