Presentation & Preparation Tips

Quick Tips

Presentations are for editing, SlideShows are for presenting.

Remember, changes made in the Library and Editor consoles affect your presentations which cannot be shared outside of CustomShow. Create a New SlideShow from your presentation to present your content when it’s ready.

Open Pres opens a presentation for editing. Double-clicking on a presentation displays slides for copying and dragging.

The Open Pres button will open a presentation in the Presentation Editor in the Library Console, where it can be modified. You may not always have the ability to edit presentations, especially those in your company’s Library, so double-clicking on the presentation will allow you to copy the slides into your presentation.

You can have multiple presentations open at the same time.

Opening multiple presentations is simple, and separate tabs are created for each presentation when you choose Open Pres. You can close each presentation by clicking on the Red X next to the presentation name.

You can add multiple presentations to a single SlideShow.

SlideShows can contain more than one presentation. To add multiple presentations, select a SlideShow in the SlideShow Console and then click Add Pres button in the SlideShow Tools panel. These changes are immediate.

Sharing a presentation allows another CustomShow user to view, copy, edit, or even take ownership of the presentation.

You can share presentations to other CustomShow users and grant different levels of permissions depending on what you want the user to do. This includes being able to view, make a copy of, edit, or become the owner of the presentation. Permissions can be removed at any time.

Sharing a SlideShow adds the SlideShow to the recipient's Desktop Viewer, iPad App, and provides a web link.

The list of SlideShows in the SlideShow Console is the same list seen in the Desktop Viewer and the iPad App. Sharing SlideShows from this location or the others will populate these same lists for the recipient on all platforms.

You can drag and drop movies, images, and flash media from the Media window on to a slide.

When working in the Editor Console, opening the Media button will allow you to work with the Media you have already added to your CustomShow Media library. From this window, you can drag and drop media on to the slide canvas to keep the window open and work with multiple pieces of media.

Desktop Viewer & iPad App Preparation

Always download your presentation before traveling.

Remember that the iPad and Desktop Viewer allow you to store presentations locally. Make sure you select the desired presentation and hit Download before traveling to a location where you may not have internet access.

Make sure you test plugging your laptop into an external monitor at least once before going on your first sales call.

All multiple monitor setups are different, so always check to see how your presentation content appears with projectors, other monitors, or other configurations.

Always test your presentation before traveling.

Check your content before traveling! You may not be able to download updates depending on internet availability, so make sure your presentation is correct. Check your presentation a few days before you travel to ensure design or technical support can be done in a timely manner.

Make sure "Keep me signed in" is enabled when logging in to the application.

Keep me signed in for the Desktop Viewer allows you to avoid entering your credentials every time you open the application. This also helps when working offline, so you don’t need to reach the CustomShow server to authenticate.

Potential Technical Issues

Printing in Chrome can be problematic, try saving as PDF.

Google Chrome uses a built-in Flash Player plugin by default, which interferes with printing documents. This plugin causes an issue with printed presentation configurations in CustomShow, so try using the PDF option instead of printing a physical copy directly from CustomShow.

Keyboard shortcuts do not work in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer uses a separate plugin for Flash content which does not allow for most keyboard shortcuts. Keep this in mind when working with CustomShow.

Program Limitations

Make a copy of a presentation and rename it to work with a presentation as a template (instead of editing and then Save As...).

CustomShow cannot save presentations separately, so if you plan to work with the same base presentation multiple times we suggest duplicating a presentation to work with it as a template for a new version, much in the way a Save As… option would be used.
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