What options do I have to export content from CustomShow?

To share content from CustomShow to a recipient who does not have CustomShow access, the most reliable way to keep content intact is to share a SlideShow to the recipient through a web link:

Content in CustomShow can be viewed in the Desktop Viewer App in a locally-downloaded format, and can also be downloaded to an iPad through the CustomShow iPad App.

The only option to export a presentation out of CustomShow as a local file in a commonly-used format is to print a presentation to a PDF. Any presentation or SlideShow can be printed to a PDF by opening the content, and choosing the Print option in the application in use. In all cases, the print dialogue will display a PDF button in the bottom left corner, which converts the slides to flattened images in a PDF.

Movie slides will not be exported in a playable format, as PDFs cannot contain movies.


Presentations can also be exported to a PowerPoint (.PPTX) format. This option is available to CustomShow users within the web application, and provides users with conversion options to create a downloadable file similar to a PDF.

As with PDF files created from CustomShow presentations, PowerPoint exports do not contain exported movie files, nor animations created in CustomShow.

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