Printing in Chrome

Google Chrome uses a customized version of Adobe's Flash Player that is packaged in the application. While this allows for Chrome to update Flash along with the application automatically, it also results in technical issues related to printing in some cases.

For users encountering issues in CustomShow's printing options when running in Google Chrome, it may be preferable to disable Chrome's version of Flash altogether to avoid such issues.

Flash Player must be installed to complete these steps. To download and install the Flash Player plugin for Chrome and other browsers, please visit Adobe's installation page at:



Here are the steps to disable Google Chrome's version of Flash Player:

  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Enter the following URL into your Address Bar:
  3. Click on the [+] Button next to Details in the top right corner.
  4. Locate the Adobe Flash Player entry.
  5. This entry should display 2 files, each with a unique Location field.
  6. Under the file that is located in .../PepperFlash/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin, click on the Disable button.
  7. Restart Google Chrome

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