Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start guide will cover the very basic essential functions of CustomShow's capabilities. CustomShow's software suite is versatile, and many additional options are available to users beyond the scope of what is shown here.

The basic workflow for any CustomShow user is as follows:

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Publish
  • Present

Create & Manage Presentations

It all starts by creating a New Presentation. CustomShow lets you drag slides from the Library as well as create new slides.

  • Click on New Pres to create a new presentation.
  • Click on the Library Tab to view the contents of your Presentation Library
  • Double-click on a presentation to view its slides in your Presentation Library
  • Drag slides from the top panel to the bottom Presentation Editor to add slides to your presentation.
  • Click New Slide to create a new slide in your presentation.


To edit the content of a slide, or build a new slide:

  • Double-click on the slides or click on the Editor Tab to open the slide in the Editor Console.
  • Click on the Media button to add upload images and videos or to select existing media from your My Resources or Media Library folder.
  • Uploaded videos are encoded on the server and may take a few minutes to encode before they are available to add to a slide. A prompt will be displayed when encoding is complete.



SlideShows are a deliverable format of a presentation, and are what you use to present from the Desktop Viewer and iPad App, as well as send to recipient as a shareable URL. To create a SlideShow from a presentation:

  • Click on the SlideShow Tab on the left to go to the SlideShow Console.
  • Click on the New SlideShow Button and select a presentation from your My Presentations, Shared Presentations or the Library.


  • Click on New SlideShow at the top of CustomShow while viewing or editing a presentation in the Library or Editor.


  • Adjust the Settings, add a Description, add Recipients to your list, and send an email containing the URL.
  • The SlideShow is automatically added to your Desktop Viewer and iPad App.

Present Online and Offline

When you create a SlideShow, your presentation is made available in the CustomShow Desktop Viewer and the CustomShow iPad App. You can also view the SlideShow online via URL, or by logging into your CustomShow Account.

  • Copy and send your SlideShow URL from the SlideShow Console in CustomShow.
  • Download the CustomShow iPad App from the App Store to present Offline on your iPad.
  • Present from your laptop Online or Offline with the Desktop Viewer App; download it at


Use CustomShow Meetings to show your presentation content with remote participants. CustomShow Meetings let you show presentations while syncing your viewing experience with the rest of your participants.

To start a CustomShow Meeting:

  • Click on the Meeting Tab on the left to go to the Meeting Console.
  • Click on the New Meeting Button and select a presentation from your My Presentations, Shared Presentations or the Library.
  • Adjust the Settings, add a Description, add Participants and email the URL. The Meeting will start when you click on Launch Meeting or click on the Meeting URL to launch the Meeting as the Host.
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