Can I use my old CustomShow presentations in the new CustomShow?

Presentations and content from CustomShow 6 can be imported into the new, online version of CustomShow.

Any presentation that has been uploaded to the web as a Web Presentation will be available in the new CustomShow. There are some details to keep in mind when working with Web Presentations:

  • Web Presentations are imported depending on the user account. If you are registered in CustomShow 6 under a particular email address, any imported Web Presentations will only appear under the same email address in the new CustomShow.
  • Web Presentations do not contain editable elements. Text, Images, Flash Content, Shapes, Charts, and PowerPoint Objects are flattened as a single element on each slide.
  • Web Presentations do contain working Video elements. Videos are added separately to the new CustomShow, and will playback as expected.
  • If a Video is not a Full-Screen Element, it will not be imported separately.
  • All Web Presentations are created with a SlideShow when the import process completes.
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