Sending Meeting Invitations

Meetings in CustomShow are created to show presentation content to specified participants while allowing the Meeting creator to control the pacing of the presentation and the content seen by the participants.

Meetings can be viewed by anyone, even if the participant does not have a CustomShow account.


There are two methods to send a Meeting Invitation:

  1. Adding a Participant

    • Meeting Invitations can be sent by opening the Meeting Console in CustomShow, selecting the Meeting in question, and then clicking on the Add  button in the Meeting Tools panel.
    • Users can enter any email address.
      • Email Addresses used by existing users will be automatically completed.
    • Adding Participants does not automatically provide the participant with an email notification.
    • To send an email notification, enable Send Email Notification when entering a participant's email address or name.
  2. Sending a Meeting Link

    • Meeting Invitations can be sent by providing the Meeting Link to any participant.
    • Each Meeting has a unique link.
    • To find a Meeting's link, select the Meeting in the Meeting Console. Then, click on the Link provided in the Meeting Tools. The Meeting link is positioned to the left of the Add button.
      • Clicking on the Link copies the Link to your computer's clipboard.
      • Attempting to Paste (Right-click: Paste) will paste this Link into a mail message, chat window, or browser.


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