Sharing Presentations: How To Share a Presentation

CustomShow presentations can be shared to other CustomShow users who are part of the same company. Content can be updated in realtime in this manner, and presentations can be shared with a variety of rules applied by the presentation owner.

Presentation Owners can select a presentation, and choose to Share the presentation. This will allow the Owner to specify one or more users to access the presentation itself, and apply rules for each individual user.

For more information the levels of permissions and rules that can be applied to presentations, please see Sharing Presentations: Permissions & Rules.

To share a presentation with any number of users follow the steps below:

  • Open the Library Console
  • Select a Presentation
  • Right-click on the Presentation and select Share…



There are two ways to specify who to share the presentation with:

Entering a Username

  • Click on Enter names or email addresses in the area below Add People.
  • Begin entering a valid user name.
  • CustomShow will display a list populated by relevant user names.
    • This list can only display users who are part of your User Group.
  • Click on a valid user name, or hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.
    • Valid Usernames will appear in Blue. Invalid Usernames will appear in Red.
  • Click OK to Share

Selecting from the List of Users

  • Click on Choose from Contacts
  • Click on a user in the list.
    • You can also select multiple User Groups if you are configured to share across Groups. 
    • Click on the top dropdown menu to see the list.
    • Not all users have access to multiple User Groups.
  • Click OK to Share

Presentations can be configured to share with different sets of Permissions or Rules.

These permissions can be changed at any time. Permissions can be applied when first sharing the presentation, or after sharing the presentation.

Please see Sharing Presentations: Permissions & Rules for more information.

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