Adding & Editing Custom Fonts

This is an Admin-Only Feature.

Uploading Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts can be uploaded in TTF or OTF format for use in all areas of CustomShow. Admins can upload these fonts so that all CustomShow users in their subscription group will have access to the fonts.

Presentation viewers do not need to have the font installed for the font to display.

  • Open the Library Console
  • Click File: Fonts and select Upload Fonts
  • Click Upload Custom Font…
  • Click Add Font…
  • Select a TTF or OTF file and click Open or Select
  • In Font Name, enter the specified group name for font
    • The "Group Name" is what will be displayed when selected the fonts in the Editor Console.
  • Make sure that every Font Style is unique
    • Multiple fonts in the group cannot use the same styles. For example, there cannot be two Italic style fonts.
  • Click Generate Font



Editing Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts that have been uploaded into CustomShow can also be edited (or removed) at a later point.

  • Open the Library Console
  • Click File: Fonts and select Edit Fonts
  • Click on the font that is to be edited or removed
  • Click Edit Font
  • Modify the style, add new fonts, or remove fonts as needed from the Font Group.
  • When all changes are complete, click Generate Font to save your changes.
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